"Young Entrepeneur" Article. July 23, 2014

Catherine Freebody was thrilled to open PROVISIONS Home and Garden at 42 Central Avenue on May 1st. She has always envisioned owning a business, but could never pinpoint exactly which direction she wanted to go in. A mother of three children, Catherine worked as a freelance yoga instructor and preschool teacher while her children were younger. Now that they are getting older and more independent, Catherine was eager to find a creative and intellectual outlet. Now 38, she remembers herself playing business 30 years ago...restaurant, store, travel agency, bank, any number of possibilities. Now, just like when she was 8, she enjoys the sense of independence, creativity and control that running her own business allows.

Having a variety of passions, Catherine found the Midland Park location to be the perfect space to combine her love of quality mid century modern home furnishings, art and lighting as well as unique, handmade accessories, gifts and small batch food products. She and her partner, Michael Serventi, have been eagerly dedicating themselves to finding treasures at estate sales and gift shows. They feel fortunate to have made some amazing contacts with collectors, sellers, artists and more. Provisions is closed on Mondays and opens at noon on Friday so that the pair can get to the early weekend estate sales and travel around New Jersey, New York and Connecticut picking up items that speak to their aesthetic and sense of design. “We have made contact with people, purely by accident, who get excited about what we are doing and turn us on to other people and

products. It is remarkable,” Catherine remarked. “Both of us tend to be on the quiet, unassuming side,” Michael said, “but these connections we are making boost our confidence and expand our network for ‘picking’. It is exciting!”

Catherine devotes a lot of her down time at the store online. She recently opened up a store on etsy.com (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ProvisionsNJ?ref=search_shop_redirect), a corner on Krrb.com (http://krrb.com/66127) , and is constantly updating the store’s facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/provisionsnjhomeandgarden). She is currently working with a team to develop PROVISIONS’ own webpage. “It is so cool to google something, say our John Stuart Dining Table, and see our own listing come up under images,” Catherine admitted. “It is like instant gratification, seeing that we are up online and can be easily discovered.” PROVISIONS has been open for just over a month and has already sold furniture to a young woman from Manhattan, a couple from Brooklyn and many local residents.

“We love how many people enter our space and pause, look, around and say how they cannot wait to take the time to look around at everything. Vintage pyrex is a big hit. Most everyone checks out our small batch, delicious (sweet and spicy) jams made in Brooklyn, and our amazing line of vinyl floor mats that mimic vintage linoleum is always a conversation starter,” Catherine points out.

Provisions Home and Garden also offers garden and home design consultation and design services. Catherine and Michael will also run estate sales for interested customers in the area. They offer, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient services and always are sure to be fair to the seller and the buyer, taking the time to research and understand the value of the items available.

Catherine and Michael are very pleased with the response from the local community. “We were able to pay all our bills this month,” the Couple remarked, “that is all we can ask for!” They are excited to see the effect of word of mouth and drive by curiosity. They have created an inviting, intriguing atmosphere and we highly recommend that you stop in and see what is new this week! Feel free to contact Catherine with any questions at 201 857-3335v or provisionsnj@gmail.com.